Aarschot 1489: Saturday 11th – Sunday 12th August 2018


Elzenhof Domain, Aarschot, Belgium

  • Large reenactment of 15th Century battle
  • Medieval dancing workshop
  • Medieval market stalls
  • Medieval encampment
  • Medieval dancing
  • Archery competition
  • Falconry
  • Free for spectators

Great event with a daily reenactment of a 15th Century battle (if you  don’t like loud noises, take ear plugs, there are really loud cannons) with a kiddy battle to follow. This event is popular with reenactors and spectators alike.

See the Hagelanders website for full details. You can also use the event page on Facebook to indicate if you’re interested in going or actually attending, and see if any of your friends are going too. The photo at the top of the page is from their web site.

Sir Hawkins and the Dutchess find it a very pleasurable day out and once we get a proper medieval tent will be making a weekend of it.

Please note Hawkins Historical Happenings play no part in the organisation of the event, we’re just letting people know it’s happening. It you don’t want your event publicised or photos used please contact us.


2 thoughts on “Aarschot 1489: Saturday 11th – Sunday 12th August 2018

  1. Hallo

    Hiermit beantrage ich die Teilnahme der Kriegsraben.
    Wir sind zwei Feldkämper und zwei Bogenschützen sowie zwei Personen im Tross. Da wir mit 4Zelten und einem Sonnensegel kommen, möchte ich Sie um einen Platz von ca 10x10m bitten

    Ich bedanke mich schonmal im vorraus

    Katja Nühnen


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