The Quaeye Werelt: Saturday 2nd – Sunday 3rd June 2018


Rivierenhof Domain, Deurne, Belgium

  • The premier medieval reenactment event in Benelux
  • Massive reenactment of a battle in 1477
  • Many medieval market stalls
  • Large medieval encampment
  • Demonstrations of medieval crafts and skills
  • Free for spectators

The Quaeye Werelt (it means something like ‘The Angry World’) is an outstanding event held near Antwerp each year.

Massive numbers of market stalls, a daily battle (don’t forget your earplugs if loud noises bother you, the cannons are very loud indeed); this event cannot be recommended too highly. We recommend the smoked beer from the Germans!

See the Quaeye Werelt website for full details. You can also use the event page on Facebook to indicate if you’re interested in going or actually attending, and see if any of your friends are going too. The photo at the top of the page is by Edje C.

Sir Hawkins and the Dutchess managed to camp in a disguised canvas scout tent (not that it fooled anyone with half a clue about matters medieval). A wonderful weekend, very highly recommended and we hope to have more suitable tentage in due course.

Please note Hawkins’ Historical Happenings play no part in the organisation of the event, we’re just letting people know it’s happening. It you don’t want your event publicised or photos used please contact us.



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